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Road Map

Overview of Road Map and Data Priorities

  • Contiguous Data Processes:

    Every Tuesday, new patents are issued, so we have developed a process to create a contiguous, updating patent data repository.

  • Longitudinal Patent Tables:

    Never before have certain longitudinal patent data (forward-citation counts and Patent Rank) been so readily available.

  • Normalization Priorities:

    We solicit your feedback on what normalization priorities need to be emphasized: locations, firms, inventors, examiners, patent agents, etc.

  • Auxiliary Patent Data:

    We outline some key auxiliary data available and solicit your feedback regarding these priorities.

  • Historic Patent Data:

    We are harvesting older patent images and have outlined a strategy to parse this data using OCR-technology known as Tesserac.

  • Application Patent Data:

    We are in the process of harvesting the publication of patent applications for both issued and pending patents.

  • Foreign Patent Data?:

    We are open to suggestions regarding the priority of foreign patent data although our emphasis will always be on patent innovations secured in the United States.

For additional information, please contact us.

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