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Commercialization Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Historic Patent Data

We are in the process of harvesting images of historic patents. Using Tesserac, we are developing parsing algorithms to OCR and harvest key variables useful for academic studies of innovation and entrepreneurship:

  • Identify key variables of the patent (date, ownership, title, abstract).
  • Identify the description and claims of the patent.
  • Identify the backward (and therefore forward) citations of each patent.

We have identified several different USPTO templates in our preliminary analyses, having harvested about 2 million of the 5 million necessary patents.

Updated Industry Partner (December 2014)

Due to limited university resources necessary to OCR 9+ million patents and over 90+ million patent pages, we approached an industry partner. The resulting dataset is available within CRIE to members of Mergent Patent Archives.

Free Service Mergent Patent Archives Members
Result set 50,000 records 250,000 records
~ Queue time 24 hours 15 minutes
Queue priority Economic Highest
Queue runs Every hour Every 5 minutes
Result time Few days Few hours
OCR tables 1 NO YES
Smart portfolios 2 NO YES

1. Patent Archive members can query the metadata extracted from the OCR process and include in a panel download.

2. Patent Archive members can utilize the CRIE wizard to build smart portfolios (patents to firms) based on different methodologies developed.

For additional information, please contact us.

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