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Query Support

Having the patent data at your disposal is an enormous benefit, but now, how do you query the database to get the results you need to perform your academic research? Fundamentally, you have two options: (1) you can take the time to learn about the syntax to perform queries successfully (using SQL) or (2) you can pick up the phone, talk to a person that can do it for you.

Example of Query Efficiency

A database is composed of many tables linked together based on relationships. These relationships are indexed to increase the performance of a search query. For example, below we show two queries that retrieve the same records. The "ILIKE" search is slow as it is not build on any predefined index. As a result, a GOOD query should subset the data before doing a non-structured clause such as "ILIKE".

Returned 168 records
in 21 seconds
Returned 2876 records
in 2,929 seconds

[TIER 1] support: $500 (custom query)

Work with a database expert and get a custom query created and executed for you. Some benefits of this approach: (1) you don't need to learn the SQL syntax, (2) the database expert knows the data fields and can help you identify which data to include in your query, (3) you have "one-time" access to "smart portfolios", (4) your query will be prepared outside of the queuing system, (5) you have leeway on the size of your result set (over the predetermined limit, within reason).

In sum, this level of support will help you perform a custom query with a CRIE database expert as your guide. Realistically, if the research question is carefully thought out, you could have results within a day.

[TIER 5] support: $2000+ (custom programming)

You may need to perform custom programming.

For example, one client need to compute the number of all 0-degree and 1-degree ties for inventors from two firms involved in a merger and acquisition.

For every merger, these network affiliations needed to be computed every year
(from t-3 to t12).

This research question entails quite a bit of custom programming. Once coded, it took hundreds of CPUs over a month to perform all of the computations for 1000 mergers.

In sum, this level of support will help you perform custom programming on CRIE data. It will require a database expert, a programmer, and most likely, a patent-research expert. Realistically, this type of project would require careful planning and could take months.

For additional information, please contact us.

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