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Overview of Services

  • Always Free:

    With an intent to make patent data more accessible for academic consumption which we posit will improve the ability to do better research using the data, we would like to keep a version of the data center available for free. This free version will have some limitations based on our computing resources.

  • Query Support:

    No longer is your limitation as an academic the data, but rather the ability to query the data in an effective, efficient, and robust manner. We provide fee-based support services to help you build your custom query.

  • Fee-based subscription:

    If you need to be able to execute queries more frequently and have more responsive results, please consider our annual fee-based subscriptions.

  • Pricing and Options:

    We offer three tiers of subscription services depending on the number of accounts needed.

  • Demand-driven scaling:

    As an academic institution with limited resources, we are designing a scalable database system by scaling our infrastructure based on demand. Therefore, if you are interested in the fee-based subscription, please consider putting yourself on the waiting list.

For additional information, please contact us.

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